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Clean Technology


    • High Level of Cleanliness
    • Environmental Protection
    • Reliable Airflow Monitoring
    • Easy Maintenance


  • Integrated BioStation

    • High Level of Cleanliness
    • Flat Work Area
    • Color Monitor for Real-time Viewing
    • Ideal Design for Microscope Manipulation
    • Built-in Pass Box Available as Factory Option.

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  • CPF System

    • Cell processing facility utilized with unique patented technologies.
    • Practical consulting developed through wide experience of GMP.
    • Embedded equipments minimize disruption of room airflow.
  • Contamination-Free Cell Culture System CFCP-100

    • Integrated Direct Heat incubator enables easy maintenance.
    • Clear status display and various types of alarm increase the safety of your cell lines.
    • Low static pressure loss HEPA filter maintain aseptic work environment.
    • Standard equipped germicidal lamp antisepticises work area while not operating.
    • Foot switch control gas burner is fitted as standard equipment.

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