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Corporate Philosophy

To fully realize the potential of medicine and
life science in people, products, and society,
enriching our lives through the “ASTEC Potential.”

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary in March 2017, we have codified our corporate philosophy. We believe in the hidden potential of our employees, based on the convictions of our founder, Takayuki Emura, in the importance of honesty and a warm personality. He gained those beliefs during his years in the general trading company, and later as a manufacturer of scientific and chemical instruments. We are committed to working together with our employees, their families, and our customers to contribute to society and lead the creation of new value for the era through better products. We incorporate the potentials of people, of products, and of society in the “ASTEC Potential” concept, and are putting the philosophy into practice to improve our lives and society.

ASTEC Potential

1.Human potential

Our first priority is to keep promises we make to employees and customers, through our corporate stance combining freedom and individuality. We never forget the bounty of nature, or our appreciation for new encounters.

2.Product potential

We utilize our rich and innovative imagination to create new values to lead the era, and answer the diverse needs of our customers.

3.Social potential

We contribute to the continued development of medicine and life science through the manufacture of safe, reliable products, and by maintaining a fair and transparent corporate stance.


We are proudly celebrating the 40th anniversary of our organization. We hereby announce our renovated company logo which signifies the expansion of our product line and our objective to extend our reach and market share worldwide.
The corporate color is a gradation of blue, which defines our growth.The curving line in the logo represents our passion towards creative and innovative manufacturing.We have also used lower case letters which signifies our companies' unique compassion and flexibility.


Years of Experience as a Trading Firm.  Development Capability of a Manufacturer.  We Know How to Meet Your Needs.

We, Astec Co., Ltd., were founded in 1978 as a trading firm specializing in medical and laboratory equipment.

With many reliable sales channels throughout the country, we had years of success in introducing superior medical and laboratory instruments imported from all over the world to the medical and life science community in Japan.

However, what we came to realize from the experiences in all those years was, it would be impossible to truly meet the ever-detailing, ever-diversifying needs of our customers, who were at the forefront of life science research, unless we made it happen ourselves. It was that realization that, in 1986, motivated us to set our hands on manufacturing and distributing original products under our own brand name ASTEC.

Our original products, designed and developed combining feedback from the field with our unique ideas and knowledge gained from years of experiences, have garnered recognition for their quality and precision, and our sales network has been expanding beyond the boundary of our own market to the overseas markets.

With great pride that we take in being a part of the grand effort for the betterment of human life and humility that comes with that knowledge, we will further commit ourselves to pursuing our ultimate goal of creating and introducing innovative and much-awaited research equipment to the fields of medicine and life science.

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