One Solution for all culture

AD-3100 CUBE

Drawer Incubator

Commonly known as the “CUBE”, the AD-3100 provides the safest, most versatile solution for cell culture applications. There are 4 SEPARATE CHAMBERS, TRULY INDEPENDENT AND OPERATIONAL as if there are four individual incubators set in one unit. Individual temperature control with 4 separate gas mixing systems in the back, all protected by an alarm system set by default. The Cube has been in the market since 2010, and is well established in the US, Europe, China, East Asia and the Middle East.


Temperature and gas controls can be individually set for each drawer customized to your culture. Depending on the stage of the culture, the culture media and other variables, the Cube allows you the flexibility that you desire for your project. A truly independent and responsive lab partner that you can count on!

That’s your call

The Cube is designed with an unparalleled gas mixing system that is neatly located in the back of the unit. This intelligent system allows you to use the Cube with Dry and/or Humidified conditions. Our unique design offers the flexibility of having several dry and humidified chambers work at the same time. It is your choice!

*A major advantage when you are dealing with a culture where an oil overlay is not required.


Our drawers are designed with the customer in mind!
The handles on the drawers are curved all the way with a grip on the rim. Smooth drawer sliding rails allow the drawers to move in and out with no stress given to the samples stowed inside.
How hard is it to maintain and clean the unit?! Quite simple! The drawers are removable for easy cleaning and access for maintenance. The main incubation block is aluminum made & autoclavable.

*The bottom plates are customized to order at the time of purchase to meet your special needs

Renovated Split Door Option

Renovated Split Door Option

With the new divided lid option, dishes for up to 2 can occupy the same drawer. This unique feature allows you to access your desired dish in one chamber without disturbing other’s while keeping each identification separate in a compact environment.

The drawers are detachable and can be easily picked up and placed back on the tray, making this unit exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

The main incubation block is made from Grade A aluminum and it is autoclavable.


As one of the leading companies in Japan, we take pride in our precision manufacturing & technology. A very high level of functional evaluation and quality control are used in order to create products that you can trust and depend on for years to come. Our technical capability has resulted in acquiring high levels of customer satisfaction, both in Japan and overseas.
With the expertise we’ve developed in the industry in which the competition is on the rise and there is a constant demand for both greater precision and reliability, we have managed to maintain a lower cost to meet the various demands from the global market.



External dimensions (mm) W562 x D570 x 610
Number of chambers 4
Usable dim. of chamber (mm) W180 x D217 x 20
Capacity of each chamber 775 ml
Weight of each drawer 2.8kg
Operational environment 24~28ºC
Temp. accuracy +-0.1ºC
Temp. uniformity +-0.2ºC
CO2 sensor IR Sensor
CO2 accuracy +-0.1% with stabilized
CO2 uniformity +-0.3%
CO2 range 0.0~10.0%
O2 accuracy +-0.5%
O2 range 4.0~10.0%
Humidity 90%+
Humidity system Natural evaporation
Required gas CO2 and N2
Power AC110-115V 5A (Max) 50/60Hz
AC220-240V 2.5A (Max) 50/60Hz
Classifications IEC61312-1:2013


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