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CPI Series

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Amongst our conventional CO2 incubator line, the CPI Series is considered our “Premium Class”. With an optimized and renovated design, the CPI series has the most reliable and robust direct-heating chamber along with dry-heat sterilization at 160C, which meets all the sensitive needs for cell culture in general.
Astec incubators are known for a high level of humidity without condensation. With more than 40 years of our business in the incubation products, we understand what it takes to achieve the best results in cell culture.

Our homogeneous temperature distribution is unrivaled in the direct heating incubator market. This results in high humidity within the incubation providing an optimized environment for your cell culture.

User friendly, large LCD touch screen interface to ensure that the incubator is under control with a standard data logging system built in.
Available galvanic O2 sensor along with a durable & drift-free CO2 sensor (Zero deviation over time) are utilized in the CPI series.
Optional “built-in” auto Gas-Cylinder-Changer is available upon request.
CPI Series Incubators have excellent gas consumption control, specifically designed to handle applications that require oxygen control to mimic conditions of the body.

Having designed incubators with customers in mind, an alarm system connectivity for external monitoring devices is standard for all our incubators. The system helps maintain the user-defined parameters and monitor the optimal environment for cell culture.

Standard access port in the back provides the possibility to expand your application by adding other implementations to your culture.

Stackable feature is available for all our CO2 incubators. Saving precious lab space is essential in planning layouts in your current labs and preparing for possible future expansions.

We offer various carts to meet your needs to ensure incubators safe transportation and storage.


Model CPI-165 CPI-165R CPM-165 CPM-165R
External dimensions(W×D×H) 625×635×916 (mm)*Projections excluded
Internal dimensions(W×D×H) 510×500×640 (mm)
Chamber capacity 163L
Shelf dimensions (W×D×H) 435×435×11 (mm)
Shelve per incubator Standard: 4 / Max: 18
Access port Standard / 29mmφ
Temp. control method PID control
Temp. control range Room temperature +5°C to 50.0°C
Temp. accuracy ±0.1°C(when sterilization :±3°C)
Temp. distribution ±0.3°C(when sterilization :±3°C)
Temp. control range when steriliztion 50°C to 160°C
Sterilization time 0.1h to 10.0h
CO2 sensor TC sensor IR sensor TC sensor IR sensor
CO2 control method DUTY control (P control)
CO2 control range 0.0% to 20.0%
CO2 accuracy ±0.1%
CO2 acuto calibration Auto zero cal. Auto zero cal.
O2 sensor Galvanic battery
O2 control method ON/OFF control
O2 control range 2.0% to 80.0%
O2 accuracy ±0.5%
O2 auto cal. Auto cal. / Ambient O2 is read as 20.8%
Chamber humidity 95% RH ± 4% RH
Humidification method Natural evaporation (humidifying water in a tray)
Analog output Temp., CO2, O2 ( voltage output or current output)
Weight 85kg
Power AC110V-115V, 220-240V, 50/60Hz,10A
Power consumption Max 1000W when dry sterilization

Direct Heat Incubator
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