Stable, Spacious and Superior


Astec-Bio has designed the EC6S unit with state of the art technology and today we have the most Stable, Spacious and Superior incubator available in the market. With distinct temperature control and gas supply for each chamber the EC6S offers outstanding flexibility & convenience for its operator. Our engineers have developed the EC6S with new alterations including a Zirconia Dioxide Ceramic O2 Sensor, long life Infra-red sensor, Lid heaters thus better temperature stability which outperforms the competition by virtually every metric!

The new gas feeding system provides “personal incubation” where an opening of one chamber has no direct stress to the other unopened chambers. The Pre-Heated gas flow to the chamber gives the EC6S the ability to recover the temperature and gas level faster than any other incubator in the market. Temperature control is also independent to each chamber with the accuracy of ±0.1℃. A Multi-featured incubator enhanced to exceed your expectations!

Separated,yet spacious

Each chambers temperature (heated from Top & Bottom) are independently adjustable & comfortably fits 6 x 35mm, or 3 x 60mm or 2 x 4 well dishes. The EC6S allows its operator to access cultures in the desired chambers without disturbing the adjacent chambers thus the harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by everyday incubator access are avoided.

Heated Lid with an unique
Observation Window

We have added a Heated Lid in order to prevent condensation and enhance temperature regulation and quick recovery for the EC6S unit. Pre-Heated Gas mixture is supplied independently to each chamber using our newly developed gas feeding aluminum modules. Heated Bottom Provides direct heat to the cultures through the heating optimization plates (The Gas tank is mounted seamlessly with CO2 and O2 sensors under the unit.) *The EC6S has a unique feature that allows the operator to observe the inside the chamber without the need to open the chamber and disturb the cultured environment.

Ergonomic easy-latch

“Safety matters”. No more “Oops” moments!! With the EC6S unit, the operator has the ability to lock down the Lid with an ergonomic easy to open latch in order to prevent any accidental breach of the chamber while you are away.

Safety, Built-in

EC-6S comes with an analog output and BMS (contact relay) as a standard redundant safety feature. It can be easily connected to an external device such as a phone or data logging device that can call or text you when there are any irregularities taking place in your absence. This enables you to remotely protect your samples with a peace of mind while you are away from your lab.

The EC-6S is equipped with an easy access and convenient sampling ports located in front of the unit. This allows the operator to access these ports without the need to move or reach behind the unit and possibly disturb the cultured samples.

Shh…Do Not Disturb

TrakStation pH monitoring technology seamlessly integrates into the state-of-the-art EC-6S unit and is a reliable way to collect pH values non-invasively.
The TrakStation reads media pH using the sv2 sensor, a sterile non-invasive disposable that does not take up valuable culture dish space. pH data is collected regularly and automatically - no need to open the lid or disturb the culture environment.



Model EC6S
External dimensions 517.5 x 608 x 171 mm (W x D x H)*1
Chamber dimensions W108xD180xH18.5
Chamber capacity 300 ml (with bottom plate attached)
Exterior Zinc-coated steel sheet,electrostatic baking finishing
Inside basin Aluminum
Temperature control method Digital PID control
Temperature control range Room temperature 35ºC to 39ºC
Temperature fluctuation range ±0.1ºC
CO2 sensor Infrared type
CO2 concentration control range 0 to 20.0%
CO2 concentration control method Duty control
CO2 concentration fluctuation range ±0.3%
O2 sensor Ceramic oxygen sensor
O2 concentration control range 0.1% to 18%
C2 concentration control method Duty control
O2 concentration fluctuation range ±0.5%
Safety device Temperature increase prevention function (Software)
External output Analog output Temperature,CO2/O2 concentration
Contact output Close when an alarm is sounded
Close when power blackout occurs
Option Can be connected to a PC incubator monitor system
Monitoring with dedicated EZC-Logger software*2
Weight 26Kg
Power consumption 150 VA (max.)
Environmental conditions Operational temperature range 20ºC to 30ºC (when no condensation.)
Operational humidity range 30% to 80%RH (when no ice or condensation.)
Storage temperature range 0ºC to 50ºC (when no ice or condensation.)
Storage humidity range 20% to 80%RH (when no ice or condensation.)
Input power range Single-phase AC110V,115V,220-240V,50/60Hz
Classifications EN 61010-1:2010
IEC 61326-1:2013
IEC 61000-3-2:2014
IEC 61000-3-3:2013


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