Compact, Accurate and Reliable

ASTEC Gas Analyzer

The AGA-2021 ASTEC Gas Analyzer by Astec quickly and accurately measures CO2 and O2 levels in the incubator, helping you maintain ideal conditions for cell development.

Reliable and Accurate

The AGA-2021 utilizes an IR sensor for CO2 and galvanic sensor for O2.
These proven sensor technologies give rise to reliable, accurate reading time after time.

Two-Point Calibration

Two kinds of gases – CO2 and O2 – can be measured in one sampling.
Built-in durable pump can send gas mixture back to the incubator when required.

Compact and Portable


Model AGA-2021
Size (WDH) 170 x 170 x 100 mm
CO2 sensor Infra Red Sensor
CO2 measuring range 0-18%
CO2 accuracy ±0.1%
O2 sensor Galvanic sensor
O2 measuring range 0-22%
O2 accuracy ±0.1%
Weight 2.0kg
Power AC100V~240V 50/60Hz 0.3A (Max)
Battery Run time Up to 4 hours without recharge / 15 hours in sleep mode
Required time for full recharging 7 hours
Operating temperature limits 10~35C
Operating humidity range 0~80%
Storage temperature range -20~50C
Storage humidity range 20~80%

ASTEC Gas Analyzer

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