Single Drawer Incubator
Open the Drawer to new possibilities

Inspired by our globally favored drawer type incubator, AD-3100, also known as the CUBE, the mini-Cube was developed to provide an even smaller, compact, and expandable incubator with the choice of using it for dry or humid culture. The most versatile incubator ever in the market.

Very much like its forerunner, the mini-Cube can also be used as a Dry or Humidified incubation unit. Heated from the Top & Bottom of the chamber, the mini-Cube promises a stable and well protected environment to preserve/recuperate the temperature inside its chamber.

New renovated, optional Split chamber
with less disturbance in the drawer

Humidified Incubation

Dry Incubation

With the renovated divided lid option, dishes for up to 2 can occupy the same drawer. This unique feature allows you to access your desired dish in a half of the chamber with less disturbance to the other while keeping identification separate although compact.

Bottom plates for Humidified incubation (standard)
The humidity reaches more than 90% in 3 minutes,

Bottom plates for Dry incubation (Optional)

Gas Mixing System, no premixed gas needed

With a gas mixing system placed in the back of the unit, the mini-Cube conveniently takes the incoming gas (CO2, N2) and provides the necessary mixed level for your culture.

Flexibility and Stability
in an affordable package

The mini-Cube adapts to the unique needs of your lab, whether you need to culture dry or humidified. With the ability to have multiple cultures under different conditions, mini-Cube promises to give you the Maximum possibility with the stable mechanism that Astec has accumulated over the last four decades.

Autoclave-able drawer can be removed entirely. The solid base drawer is made from grade A aluminum and is easy to clean with distinctly designed curved corners.

Gas sampling port located conveniently in the front for easy access

Three mini cubes stacked one on top of another, occupy roughly the same room as our 30L water-jacketed incubator


(Model# : SD-830)

External dimensions (mm) W310 x D315 x H190
Number of chamber 1
Usable dim. of chamber (mm) W92.5 x D157 x H25
Operational environment 20~30C
Temp. accuracy ±0.1C
Temp. uniformity ±0.15C
Humidity 95% ±4%RH
Humidity system Natural evaporation
Required gas CO2/N2
Power AC110-115V 0.8A (Max) 50/60Hz
AC220-240V 0.6A (Max) 50/60Hz
Weight 15kg
Two Divided door (mm) 190 x 127 (x 2 doors)


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