The "ASTEC" Advantage

Manufactured in Japan in our ISO 13485 certified facility

  • ISO13485 Certificate 2022-2025

  • EC Certificate , Quality Assurance

Scope of our ISO13485 Certificate
“Design and Development, Manufacture, Distribution and Service of In-Vitro Fertilization Equipment: Embryo Incubators”

As the only ISO13485 certified incubator manufacturing company in Japan, ASTEC handles product planning, design, risk control, development, and production control in accordance with quality standards.

Various challenges over 45 years have evolved ASTEC. And we will continue to evolve for the generations to come

  • Industry leading temperature stability by uniquely designed chambers
  • Maintaining optimum culture environment by superior temperature and gas controls
  • Modular design allows the flexibility to produce space saving & highly efficient units
  • Simplified Quality Assurance via 24/7 remote monitoring system

Impeccable Chamber Design

Direct Heat / Air Jacketed

High-performance heating elements are appropriately placed all around the chamber to provide uniformly distributed temperature throughout the incubation chamber.

The industry’s best temperature system eliminates the risk of contamination due to condensation as much as possible.

*Available with high-temperature decontamination.

Water Jacketed

Double layers of water and high-quality insulation ensures exceptionally stable temperature control.

Water Jackets usually provide higher humidity and protection against condensation and unexpected power outages.

We created a high humidity environment with the temperature system of the water jacket backed by history and proven reliability, and the highest gas concentration accuracy with the latest technology.

High Performance Temperature
Stability Ensuring “Only” the best results

The industry’s highest level temperature control functionality keeps the temperature inside the chamber at it’s best and prevents unnecessary dew condensation.

The optimum culture environment is always reproduced without controlling the upper limit of humidity. Uncompromised optimal culture environment is brought to you by Astec.

Unique Airflow System Designed
for Fast Humidity Recovery

Astec airflow system and the chamber’s internal fan drive the humified air throughout the chamber evenly and swiftly.

The optimum humidity and CO2 concentration for cell culture will be restored in approximately 10 minutes after routine door opening/closing.

*Above data is based on our internal testing with 30 second door opening.

Advanced Cell Growth
“When Size Matters”

The importance of space management is inevitable when choosing your next incubator. Large capacity units offer you more space; however, the recovery of CO2, temperature and humidity tend to be slower than a smaller size unit, after the doors are being opened and closed throughout the day. With a smaller size incubator, the cells can be handled with less stress and extra care and the trade off is the limited space and consequently the need for running multiple incubators. Astec Bio is one of the most recognizable names is the industry, that offers a wide variety of Incubators in which you can feel confident to meet needs.

It’s all about Space Saving

All Astec incubators are designed to be stacked. You can either mount them directly on top of one another or place them in an ergonomically designed cart, offering double or triple the desired capacity within the same footprint.

Real Time Monitoring System

Alarms are set to be sent to your phone, tablet or PC via SMS, Voice-call and Email.

Keep a constant check on the temperature, Co2 and O2 levels that are important to your cell culture. Risk Management, Quality Control, Record Keeping and Information Sharing can be done all at the same time complying with 21 CFR Part 11.